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I hope you’re excited! For the next 24 days, we’re going to read through the Gospel of John. That may not sound exciting, but trust me, it is. 

John was a close friend of Jesus and he tells us about the plan God has for all of us that began with the creation of everything.

John shares some amazing stories and powerful teaching from Jesus. So if this is your first time reading it or if you’ve read it several times, you’ll definitely learn something new or think about things in a new way. 

For this study, you’ll need a Bible or Bible app to read along. We’ll read a chapter each day and take a break on Sundays. Reading whole chapters at one time really helps us understand what Jesus is saying and why His message is so meaningful.

As you read, you’ll notice that most of the text in your Bible is red. This means that John is quoting Jesus. So as you read, imagine that you are actually right there with John, listening to Jesus teaching. 

Several people from Next Students have provided writing for this daily study. Thank you Savanna Simmank, Caleb Arnold, Katie Jo Kass, Sarah Powell, Brayden Hedrick, Jess DosSantos, Leigh Norman, and Zak Acker for helping me put this together. You are awesome people and great friends.

Love God, Love Others.

    - David Hedrick
      NextGen Pastor


The book of John is incredible if you want to know the life of Jesus. I mean this dude refers to himself as Jesus’ favorite person, so whether that’s true or not I think it’s safe to say they were pretty tight. John offered me an in depth look at the life of Jesus because not all of the disciples spent as much time with Jesus as John did. 

In John, I see the stories and miracles that Jesus performed getting more and more powerful leading up to His death and resurrection, which is the most powerful miracle in the history of any miracle ever performed. 

John showed me that I need to live my life radically for Jesus because He gave his life so freely for me. If I am living my whole life with my focus on Jesus and his mission outlined in this book, then I believe when I get to heaven Jesus will say well done good and faithful servant. Not because of the things I do, but because of how much of my life I gave to God. 

I hope that after reading this devotional and the Book of John, you feel convicted of the life you live right now and devote even more of your life to God’s call on your life. I hope that you feel encouraged that there is room for growth and that you have an entire youth group and pastors that love you and want the best for you. 

Lastly, I hope you feel loved by God for sending His son down to die on the cross and offer you the chance of entering into eternity with Him forever.

    - Zak Acker
     Connections Pastor


Make it a Habit

28-Day Devotional

28 days can feel like a long time. Maybe the idea of spending 28 days in a row doing anything seems impossible… and maybe kind of boring. But consider this. Today, tomorrow, and every day after that, this is true: the same God who created the universe wants to spend time with you. Yeah. With you.

Sure, you’re busy. Most people are. But in the middle of all that busyness, do you realize the most powerful, most intelligent, kindest, most loving Person in the universe still takes time to connect with you? God wants to hear from you, speak to you, and be with you. He wants to comfort, encourage, challenge, and care for you. He makes Himself available to you every moment of every day. He’s just waiting for you to make time for Him.

If spending time with God seems strange, don’t worry. This book is designed to help you learn how to connect with God in four simple ways: by READING, PRAYING, DOING, and REMEMBERING.

For this study, you’re going to need a Bible, or a Bible app. The Bible is a collection of 66 books. Each book is divided into chapters and verses to help us find a specific part. So John 3:16 is the book of John, 3rd chapter, 16th verse.

So get ready. The next 28 days might just be the beginning of a new habit of connecting with God every day – a habit that will change your life.


If you love a good story, you’re going to like Moses.

Moses’ story is filled with more action and adventure than you’ll see in your entire lifetime. There are near-death experiences, daring escapes, a murder (and a cover-up), snakes, armies, supernatural phenomenon... all the ingredients of a great story.

Actually, Moses’ story is so good that 28 days isn’t enough to cover the entire thing. We’ll pick up Moses’ story when he’s already an adult but, before we get there, there are a few things you should know about his childhood.

Moses was born during a very dark time. When Moses was born, he and all of his people (the Hebrews) were slaves in ancient Egypt. It wasn’t an easy life, but things grew worse when the pharaoh of Egypt began to fear that his slaves would eventually develop an army to rebel against him. In response, he demanded that every baby boy born to his slaves be killed – including Moses.

Moses’ mother, though, refused to let her baby die. She protected her young son from the Egyptian army by hiding him. When it was clear she couldn’t keep Moses safely hidden any longer, she placed him in a basket, put that basket in the Nile River, and trusted that God would carry him to safety.


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